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Buddy is a great practice equipment for children to get started learning the basics in bull or bronc riding! This mini mechanical bull or mini mechanical horse has a 36 volt electric motor with a 3 hour battery life that includes a variable speed control allowing perfect practice for all levels of riders. Buddy pushes like a lawn mower allowing the operator to make it duck, dive and spin like a real calf, steer, bull or pony bronc riding. Buddy is an awesome teaching tool for proper techniques on dismounting and gives a great work out to both rider and operator. 

  • Standard Carpet Body Shown

  • Kids up to 110 lbs

  • Recharges with normal 110 volt outlet

  • Optional Cowhide Body Upgrade $300

  • Body of the machine can be interchanged from bull to horse 

buckin' buddy





1827 Staree Ln

Fort Worth, TX 76179

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