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Robo Bronc, mechanical horse




The ground-breaking Robo Bronc is the training practice equiptment no bareback or saddle bronc rider can afford to be without. This remote-controlled mechanical horse fully simulates the bucking motion of a live bronc and gives the operator full control over the speed and intensity of the ride. Training can be broken down into slow, controlled maneuvers, for beginners or rank, full power runs for advanced saddle back or bare back riders.

  • Life-size, molded body mounted on a wheeled transport hub

  • Heavy duty wheels for rough terrain including deep sand, grass or dirt

  • Fully padded deck for safety

  • System adjustable for beginners or the most advanced riders

  • Remote device allows operator to stop movement if rider gets in trouble

  • Fully-charged batteries last three to four hours

  • 360 degree range of motion

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