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Robo Bull is a revolutionary training aid that will forever change how bull riders practice. The radio-controlled mechanical bull is completely mobile and mimics the movements of a live bull. Designed with safety in mind, Robo Bull will greatly reduce the need to keep live animals for practice. The remote device allows the operator to be in full control of the direction of travel, speed and intensity of the ride.

Unlike stationary mechanical bulls, Robo is mobile and will mimic the moves of a live animal. Limit your need for the costly overhead of practice livesock and the unpredictability of injury from getting kicked, or stepped on.

  • Life-size, molded body mounted on a wheeled transport hub

  • Heavy duty wheels for rough terrain including deep sand, grass or dirt

  • 4 wheel drive

  • Safety belt ensuring nobody falls off the machine

  • Fully padded deck for safety

  • System adjustable for beginners or the most advanced riders

  • Remote device allows operator to stop movement if rider gets in trouble

  • Fully-charged batteries last three to four hours

  • 360 degree range of motion


Robo bull


Robo Bull Xtreme, mechanical bull





1827 Staree Ln

Fort Worth, TX 76179

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