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Motor Pony, mechanical horse

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Riding a horse never was so much fun! Introducing the Motor Ponies by Rodeo Zone!

Just throw your bridle on this mechanical horse, toss your saddle blanket on and cinch your saddle up. You're ready to ride just about anywhere you want to go. Take him on a trail ride, use them for work horses around your property. The Motor Ponies can even pull a small utility wagon.  Even try your hand at hosting some fun rodeo events like: barrel racing, pole bending, breakaway roping and even team roping with our Jr Robo Steer.

Here are some aspects to our Motor Ponies:

  • Motor Ponies rein like a real horse

  • Hydraulic breaks are used when pulling on the reins and the Motor Pony will slide to  stop

  • Battery powered by 36 volts

  • Running time depends on ground terrain but between 3-4 hours

  • A second battery system can be included upon request adding additional 3-4 hours

  • Body of the Motor Ponies is real cowhide and can be custom built to your taste.  We can even include your brand.

  • Motor Ponies will run 15-18 MPH and can be built to run faster upon request

  • Horses are very stable on flat ground.  Large hills and deep holes could tip them over if not carefully driven

  • 1 horse is $4995

  • 1 steer is $3195

motor ponies

$4,995 ( 0ne pony - patent pending )





1827 Staree Ln

Fort Worth, TX 76179

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