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Motor Pony Minis


The Motor Pony Minis are our newest creation from Rodeo Zone Tech and our most popular design for all ages 5-80 years!  You can do rodeo events like barrel racing, pole bending and team roping on our mini Robo Steer.  Soon to come will come tiedown roping.  Ride them on your property, take them camping or to any event.  

-Weighs less than 90 lbs

-Battery powered running time 6-8 hours

-Use your reins to steer right to left

-Pull back reins to stop

-Three position adjustable foot bar for children to adults

-Speed throttle

-Customize your cowhide, mane and tail

-Font and rear stabilizer wheel bars





1827 Staree Ln

Fort Worth, TX 76179

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